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In a world where the only constant is change, we must equip ourselves and the next generation with minds that can instinctively navigate and adapt. And what better way to do so than with a creative education program that equips young minds to not just wonder at, but to also wonder about, the ever-changing world around us.

The 2016 World Economic Forum report predicted that the skills required for the fourth industrial revolution will be complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity, alongside emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility.

That is precisely what the Education @ the Glasshouse Program aims to do every year through the provision of a wide range of creative learning experiences. Whether it’s a future artist, engineer, programmer or manager, we seek to inspire the development of flexible minds that are full of wonder, curiosity and empathy for the world around us.

So come and spend some time with us in 2019, together let’s forge creative minds who can wonder at the world, seek innovative solutions to complex problems and take us into the future.

Education 2019 @ the Glasshouse

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Performing Arts & Visual Arts 2019

Education terms of payment, cancellation and changes
1. All bookings made with the Glasshouse Education Program are subject to these Education Booking Conditions and the Glasshouse Ticketing Terms and Conditions (available online)
2. If a booking is made on behalf of a school or organisation, then that entity and the person nominated as the representative must ensure payments are delivered by due dates on specific invoices.
3. An email confirmation will be issued upon making a reservation.
4. Final ticket numbers must be confirmed to the Glasshouse no later than eight (8) weeks prior to the event.
5. All bookings must be paid in full four (4) weeks prior to the event, or the Glasshouse reserves the right to cancel the booking. Note: final numbers must be paid for regardless of attendance on the day.
6. Any bookings made within eight (8) weeks of the event are considered final and full payment is required within four (4) weeks.
7. In the event that the school or organisation wishes to cancel an education booking, written notification from the responsible representative is to be provided no later than eight (8) weeks prior to the performance.
8. The Glasshouse has the right to refuse entry to schools and individuals who do not have a confirmed booking.
9. The Glasshouse must be notified of any accessible requirements prior to the event date.
10. Tickets are subject to the Live Performance of Australia Code of Practice