Paint & Stitch

Paint and Stitch

Inspired art by Penny Bennett, from the 2020 JADA exhibition.

You will need:

  • Black & white paint
  • Flat brush
  • Large needle (parental supervision advised)
  • Coloured cotton, wool or string
  • Thick piece of paper or card
  • Pencil

1. Paint

Paint the paper using flat brush strokes from the centre out to the edge.

2. Dry

Let the paper dry or use a hairdryer.

Paint Stitch 1.jpg


3. Draw

Draw patterns and designs using stitch marks in pencil.

4. Make holes

Make holes with the needle first, by following the pencil stitch marks.

Paint Stitch 2.jpg


5. Stitch

Stitch the paper, following your pattern. Admire your finished artwork!


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