Glasshouse Regional Gallery Collection Highlights and Touring Exhibitions Education Kits.

Education Kits 

Made/Worn: Australian Contemporary Jewellery Education Kit.

Todd Fuller To see the ocean for the first time Primary and Secondary Education Kit

Jennifer Keeler-Milne Education Kit: Secondary School Resource. 

Chris Langlois Landscape Narrabeen Lake no.3 2009.

Anneke Silver Land into Sea, 2003-2004.

Euan Macleod  Painting Port Macquarie, 2011.

Luke Sciberras Creeping Shadows, Flinders Ranges, 2010.

Marion Borgelt Bloodlight Strip: Figure 5, 2007.

Wendy Stokes Layered Reference 1, 2010.

Wilma Tabacco Cascade, 2007.