Encounters is a wonderful celebration of nature and our incredible Australian landscape.

ENCOUNTERS: Robyn Mussett & Rob Smith

On View: 12 December 2020 - 21 February 2021 

Encounters is a wonderful celebration of nature and our incredible Australian landscape. With a shared passion for photography artists, Encounter nature differently. Robyn’s unique viewpoint is captured with ‘Intentional Camera Movement’ (ICM) to render the works in an impressionistic way that invites the viewer to consider the abstract forms, colours, rhythms and moods of our country’s landscapes. Rob celebrates his lifelong interest in the natural world by capturing intimate moments in the Australian landscape, Encountering the wildlife that reside there, either by strong, crisp, thoughtfully captured moments or by digitally changing scenes to express his imagined vision. 

 “Ultimately, you begin to visualise interpretations of your raw visual world that transcend the documentary and awaken expressive responses from within. When that happens, you realise that you’re not just looking—you’re seeing!” Rob Smith

Image credit: Robyn Mussett, Cold Dawn on the Lake, 866 x 630 framed | Rob Smith, Yellow stripper, 866 x 630 framed 


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