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Animal Farm

+ Post Show Q&A & Workshop

Animal Farm

5 Actors, 36 Animals, 1 Farm... Animal Farm promises to be one of the most shocking, relevant and wickedly funny theatre events of 2020.


Distillations explores a new direction in Emma Walkers practice. A stripped back reflective exhibition conceived from a time when the world was turned upside down and uncertainty was a world-wide collective known.

Music of the Night

An enjoyable afternoon of melodies from Andrew Lloyd Webber, exhilarating instrumentals and wonderful singing that will leave you standing for more!

Cultural Immersion Weekend

As part of the Saltwater Freshwater cultural Immersion weekend, Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture, with a weekend full of language, storytelling, weaving and much more.

Luminosity Limited Edition

If you are a young person attending this event – you will be inspired to shine, challenged to be the very best versions of yourself, and create new ideas and connections to excel in your chosen adventures.

Imperial Russian Ballet

Two sensational ballets, one magnificent night of ballet.

Human Nature

A night not to be missed by music lovers of all generations.


Dreams pays tribute to one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time, Fleetwood Mac and the solo career of their leading lady, Stevie Nicks.

David Martin Artist Talk

David will not only explain the exhibition’s central theme and purpose, but also describe how it began, and the highs and lows of the project’s development.