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Queen Forever

The essence of Queen is captured perfectly by QUEEN FOREVER fronted by a stunning portrayal of Freddie Mercury by the very popular Gareth Hill.

Drawing Fundamentals Plus

This 8 WEEK course will investigate traditional and contemporary observations and ideas with dry medium.



Create@Home is your portal to fun creative activities that you can do at home.

Create@Home Botanical Artwork Activity

Sprouts Holiday Fun

Fun art making sessions for the school holidays!

Liam Benson

The Artist in Residency program is an opportunity for invited Australian Artists to connect with our local area & community.

3 Legends in Concert

Don’t miss these 3 Legends for the first time together LIVE on stage!

Shop @ Glasshouse SALE

We have a range of locally made produce ON SALE for 30% OFF at the Glasshouse Shop.

Glasshouse Select 2021