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Coastline Cubs - Schools Visit Program

Coastline Cubs School Visit Program helps educate young students onhow to best manage their money and to guide them to make sensible and worthwhile financial decisions in future.

Important Information

The Glasshouse is located on the corner of Clarence & Hay Streets, Port Macquarie.

External Event Ticketing Services

The Glasshouse can manage ticket sales for just about any event in any location - and our Box Office is open 7 days a week and online ticket sales are available 24/7.

Gallery Tours & Workshops

Tours are a fun and informative way to get excited about ART!

Book & Plan Your Visit

Find our how to book your Education @ Glasshouse excursion and use our planning tools to ensure a safe, fun and educational visit!

Contact us

Call the Glasshouse Event Services Team for a tour or a chat, the diversity of our business opportunities will surprise and inspire you.

Performances, Concerts & Shows

The Glasshouse is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art cultural and technical centre offering inspiring versatile venues for performances, shows and concerts.

Opening Hours

The Glasshouse is open 7 days a week, 364 days a year - every day except for Christmas Day.