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Conversation Space

Liam Benson

Liam Benson was our 2021 invited Artist in Residence. Featuring new work created through community engagement during the artist’s digital residency, You Already Know reflects the complex perspectives we embrace and the unspoken ways we share our experiences with one another.

Liam Benson

Anna-Wili Highfield

Anna-Wili Highfield

Anna-Wili’s aim is to engineer a moment of contact with nature, in a way that emphasises similarity of form and consciousness shared by both humans and animals.

Life Drawing

The Wharf Revue: CAN OF WORMS

Join the Wharf Revue crew as they bravely voyage to the bottom of the barrel!

Melinda Schneider

Come and celebrate love, with Melinda Schneider in LOVE SONGS.

Drop in to the Makers Space in the Gallery

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