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Wizard of Oz Interactive Show

Click your heels together and get ready to follow a yellow brick road full of fun, adventure and wacky characters when The Wizard of Oz Interactive Show comes to town.

The Celtic Tenors

Three unique solo voices, but when called upon – one tenor sound!

Movement Studios 2018

Movement Studios is back with another incredible end-of-year production - Evolve!

The Italian Tenors

Direct from Italy, the Italian Tenors are three of Europe’s most successful operatic Tenors.

Artist Talk

Join Fiona Lowry for a free and informative relaxed talk in the Gallery

Gordon Hendricks is Elvis

Gordon is preforming all your favourite Elvis songs, re-creating those magical moments in a stunning three hour show.

Lano & Woodley

After a triumphant year with their highly anticipated show FLY, Lano & Woodley are on the road again, bringing their award-winning show to the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne, Adelaide and the GLASSHOUSE!

Robertson Brothers

Oh what a night..... you'll have!

Education 2019

Inspire your students with unique education experiences at the Glasshouse.

Yes Yes Yes Yes: Graphics from the 1960s and 1970s

Discover the playful spirit, visual energy and political thrust of graphic art from the 1960s and 1970s.