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Gordon Hendricks Is 'The Spirit of Elvis'

Gordon is returning down under to Australia with his sell-out show, performing all your favourite Elvis songs, re-creating those magical moments in a stunning three hour show.

Bell Shakespeare

A saucy and razor-sharp battle of wits between the bickering Beatrice and Benedick, who wield words as weapons, their banter betraying their love for each other.

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s contemporary comedies where romance is thwarted by dastardly plots, misinformation, false accusations, broken promises, and bumbling cops. Or is it?

Bravissimo 2020

Bravissimo 2020 is a showcase of the best HSC music students from the Mid North and Tablelands regions.

Tools for Event Planning

Included here are our floor plans, technical specifications, catering menus and more - for clarification, please contact our sales team.

John Bell Scholarship Auditions

The workshops cover plot synopsis, character journeys and design images from the production, Much Ado About Nothing. Students from regional schools across Australia are eligible to audition for the John Bell Scholarship. A life changing opportunity for budding performers, three students will be selected to spend one incredible week training with Bell Shakespeare.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Cliff Richard & The Shadows 60th Anniversary Tribute Concert is a show that delivers a captivating live concert recreating the unforgettable sound of Cliff Richard & The Shadows.

Simon & Garfunkel To Graceland

Performed by Shelley & Robertson & their live band, this is a show not to be missed!!

Angus Gill

The intimate show will feature the stories from the road, delivered with Gill’s signature wit and a collection of songs from the album and audience favourites, accompanied by Russell Dick on piano.

Gavin Chatelier

The singer with the velvet voice. His story, gifted voice and quality performances will leave you with unforgettable memories and will be sure to have you returning again and again.