+ Post Show Q&A & Workshop

Glasshouse Port Macquarie presents

by George Orwell
Created by shake & stir Theatre Co.

Select2020_FreeTeenNight_stamp_500x500.png George Orwell's powerfully potent and profoundly popular allegory returns in a multi-award winning theatre production - served fast, furious and full of grunt.

Revolution has taken place at Manor Farm. The animals have overthrown their human masters and assumed control of the farm. Led by the charismatic porker Napoleon and fueled by enthusiastic camaraderie, a prosperous future free from the self-serving greed of humans is theirs for the taking. However, it is not long until the principles that promised equality become the shackles that bind the animals once again.

After being put out to pasture for much of 2020, live theatre is back - and more essential than ever.


Do whatever you can to get a ticket.
- The Courier-Mail

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Post Show Q&A
*commencing directly after the 11am performance on Wednesday 2 June

Ever wondered what inspired the actor to deliver the performance? Or what life on tour is really like?
There will be a post-show Q&A session after this performance, so stay in your seats after the show for an engaging conversation and to ask those burning questions!

Note: Some Q&A sessions commence 5-10 minutes after a performance ends. This is to give the cast time for a quick change out of their costumes before they return to the stage.

Animal Farm Workshop
Tuesday 1 June, 1pm - 2pm

Tickets $18.50


Share the love of theatre with a teenager. Introduce theatre to the teenager in your life with a FREE ticket so they can join you on one of our FREE TEEN theatre nights.
These seats are strictly limited and subject to availability. A teen seat must be booked alongside one Member ticket.


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