The Glasshouse Regional Gallery are opening the doors to four new exhibitions in May, and we invite you to come and join us!

Exhibition Openings are a great opportunity to mingle with friends, artists, curators and learn more about the latest exhibitions. 

We invite you to come and join us for exhibition openings of:

Izabela Pluta - Reversal
Reversal is a photographically-based installation that draws on Rose Macaulay’s 1953 book, Pleasure of Ruins, which articulates a relationship between the disappearance of buildings and the limitations of words used to describe them. Pluta’s exhibition materially translates, fragments and reconfigures Macaulay’s ideas to explore the mutability of things and the impermanence of places.

Angelica Mesiti - Relay League
‘Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence.’ This message sent by Morse code in 1997 was the poetic starting point for artist Angelica Mesiti as she embarked on creating her exciting new work: Relay League. The message was not, as one may assume, a desperate transmission sent from a sinking ship, but rather, the final message signalling the end of the use of Morse code sent by the French Navy. In her latest work, Mesiti takes the dots and dashes of this forsaken language and brings them to life in a three-channel video installation.

Wendy Stokes - Within and Between – Walking in the space of Landscape
Walking in the space of Landscape merges experiences of connection and process, both being key to engaging, knowing and understanding a site. Whilst attending an International Cite des Arts residency in Paris in 2014, Stokes spent time exploring Claude Monet sites of the coast and the Giverny garden. Exploring parallels between these sites and Stokes’ Australian locations the exhibition explores drawing as a vehicle to interweave a connection between place and memory.

Saltwater Freshwater Arts 2019: Aboriginal Art Award and Contemporary Cultural Objects

A celebration of Aboriginal arts and culture from the Mid North Coast of NSW with the Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance Aboriginal Art Award and exhibition of contemporary cultural objects, with accompanying public programs including storytelling, weaving and language workshops.

Guest Curator and art award judge: Amanda Hayman. Art Award winner to be announced opening night at the Glasshouse, Friday 24 May 2019.

Entry is free, drinks can be purchased at the bar. Bookings essential.