A casual drop in opportunity to meet local exhibiting artists amongst their works. Have a chat or simply observe the artists at work. A wonderful opportunity to gain insight into the artists practice and the exhibitions on display.

Kerry Wheeldon

Kerry began her potting career at a local Port Macquarie pottery thirty-five years ago. Working as a production thrower and made thousands of pieces of domestic ware.

Setting up her own studio was where the real learnings evolved, where she learnt the necessary skills of glaze making, glazing and firing a kiln. Even after all these years and hundreds of firings Kerry still gets excited to see what comes out of the kiln.  

Threaded Earth: Vana Ford & Kerry Wheeldon

Threaded Earth celebrates friendship and craftsmanship. Kerry Wheeldon and Vana Ford are creative souls with a love of nature. Inspired by their shared philosophies and awareness of their environment, they decided to weave their creative thoughts and techniques together and produce Threaded Earth.

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