Join Andy Snelgar in the Gallery space as he demonstrates techniques used throughout his practice.

Meet the Artist: Andrew Snelgar

Join Andy Snelgar in the Gallery space as he demonstrates techniques used throughout his practice.

Andy Snelgar is a Ngemba carver based on the New South Wales north coast. Andy first started carving, some 25 years ago, under the instruction of his uncle (Paul Gordon) a very well recognised and respected elder of the Ngemba - Gurru-Gillu tribal association.

Andy works with both hardwoods and softwoods to create his works. Carving shields, mirru, clubs, and boomerangs, Andy's creations can be recognised by his ability to work with the wood's natural shapes and his intricate line work.


An Australian War Memorial Touring Exhibition

For Country, for Nation

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a long-standing tradition of fighting for Country, and continue to serve with honour among our military forces. They have also worked in ancillary, industry, and other home-front activities, and their communities have been thrust into the front line of theatres of war.

The touring exhibition For Country, for Nation highlights these stories and explores themes of remembrance and tradition through family histories, objects, art, and photographs from across Australia, drawing inspiration from cultural traditions and symbols of warrior’s discipline, knowledge, leadership, and skill.

For Country, for Nation is thematic in structure. Within each theme are stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience during wartime and peace.

The tour of the Exhibition is supported by Visions of Australia and International Art Services Australia.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government's Visions of Australia program.