Movement Studios is back with another incredible end-of-year production - Fresh!


Movement Studios is back with another incredible end-of-year production! Fresh! is an innovative and inspiring celebration of dance filled with juicy hip-hop, tasty contemporary and delicious ballet that’s so good, it’s good for you! 

Fresh! is just that; a fresh approach to dance and production that is creative, inventive and energised. Under the direction of the Studio’s new principal and creative director, Imogen Shoesmith, the show is the culmination of the students’ full year of work and reflects her fresh and exciting vision.

Fresh! is a reflection of the exciting times at Movement Studios. Under new management and with new teachers, the Studio has evolved with the influx of fresh creativity and artistry, while staying true to the Studio’s motto and philosophy “Move. Inspire. Achieve”. The production showcases the influence of the new leadership in this next chapter of the Studio, while demonstrating the school’s continuing commitment to strength and technique as the foundations of dance.

The production will be at the Glasshouse Theatre this December and remember… Fresh! is best!!