This renowned dance competition always entertains and excites audiences with energetic and creative choreography.

Infants session: limited seats available, please call the Box Office on 6581 8888 to book. 

On Thursday 26 September the Glasshouse theatre stage will be ablaze with talented young dancers from the schools across the Hastings and afar.

This renowned dance competition always entertains and excites audiences with energetic and creative choreography performed by talented dancers from just 5 years of age.

With a variety of dance styles such as classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, Bollywood and more there is something special for everyone to enjoy.


Full programs will be available from:-

  • Dance Dreams Dancewear, 120-124 Gordon Street, Port Macquarie
  • Short Street Drycleaners, 33 Short Street, Port Macquarie

Day programs will be available at the loading dock.

INFANTS SCHOOLS SECTION - limited seats, please call the Box Office on 6581 8888 to book

  1. St Agnes Primary School: Circus
  2. Hastings Public School A: Hooked on Classics
  3. Tacking Point Public School A: Best of Both Worlds
  4. St Peters Primary School: Good luck
  5. Hastings Public School B: September
  6. Wauchope Public School A: It Starts with One Drop
  7. Tacking Point Public School B: Footloose
  8. St. Joseph's Primary School: The Lost Boys
  9. Wauchope Public School B: Stranded in the Jungle
  10. Tacking Point Public School C: Reach for the Stars
  11. Laurieton Public School: Blue
  12. Lake Cathie Public School: Make Some Noise


  1. Hastings Public School A: Everybody Jam
  2. Wauchope Public School: New York
  3. St Agnes Primary School A: Just Dance
  4. Hastings Public School B: Afro Circus
  5. Tacking Point Public School: Maestro-Let's Dance!
  6. St Peters Primary School: Proud Heather
  7. St Joseph's Primary School Laurieton: Ooh La La
  8. Lake Cathie Public School: Shout
  9. St. Joseph's Primary School: Dr Seuss
  10. St Agnes Primary School B: Light 'em up


  1. St Peters Primary School A: If you can read my mind
  2. Westport Public School: New York
  3. Laurieton Public School: Hallelujah
  4. St Columba Anglican School: Transformers
  5. St Joseph's Primary School Wauchope: Revelation
  6. St Peters Primary School B: Pop
  7. Aldavilla Primary School: Firework


  1. St Peters Primary School: 3-6 Backstreet Boys Meadly
  2. Wauchope Public School: Tribal Vibes
  3. Hastings Public School A: Oh My Love
  4. Lake Cathie Public School: Every Body Dance Now
  5. Tacking Point Public School A: Start a Riot
  6. St Agnes Primary School A: Apologize
  7. Hastings Public School B: The Red Queen
  8. St. Joseph's Primary School: Harry Potter
  9. St Agnes Primary School B: Animals
  10. Tacking Point Public School B: A Japanese Journey
  11. St Joseph's Primary School Laurieton: Circus


  1. Heritage Christian School
  2. Camden Haven High School A
  3. MacKillop College A
  4. Wauchope High School
  5. St Paul’s College Kempsey
  6. St Joseph's Regional College A
  7. Hastings Secondary College A
  8. Macleay Public School Dance Ensemble
  9. MacKillop College B
  10. St Joseph's Regional College B
  11. Hastings Secondary College B
  12. St Philips Christian College
  13. MacKillop College C
  14. St Columba Anglican School
  15. Camden Haven High School B