A full length classical ballet production of the traditional fairy-tale story.

Glasshouse Port Macquarie  and Port Macquarie Performing Arts presents a Victorian State Ballet Production


The Little Mermaid is a new work in the Victorian State Ballet repertoire that follows the narrative based predominately on the story by Hans Christian Andersen. Choreography by Michelle Cassar de Sierra is a stunning display of classical ballet and physical theatre that magically tells the tale of this much loved story.

The story unfolds in another world where a young mermaid dreams of a life beyond the sea. She bears witness to a shipwreck and comes to aid a drowning sailor. Having saved his life and delivered him back to shore, her curiosity is awakened, and throwing caution to the wind, she seeks the council of the wise sea crone who advises her that all gifts come with a warning yet grants her the power of transformation. Re-united with her sailor, she struggles to conform to human ways and quickly discovers life in a palace, chasing a prince, and navigating her new legs is not as easy as she dreamed!

Come and see the magnificent and colourful costumes, sets and props accentuating the beauty and splendour of this magical story, together with the outstanding skill, artistry and technique of the Victorian State Ballet.  


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