Recently there has been an increase in unauthorised ticket sellers such as Viagogo or Ticketmaster.

Tickets purchased through these channels are not authentic and Glasshouse has no obligation to honour them. Therefore, attending an event with a ticket purchased through these sites may result in refusal of entry.

The Glasshouse Box Office is the official ticketing service for all Glasshouse events, unless stated otherwise on our website.

The Safest Way to Buy Tickets Online

The best way to protect your rights when purchasing Glasshouse event tickets online is to do so via the Glasshouse Box Office and its website

If you purchase tickets from Viagogo, Ticketmaster Resale, Ticketbis, Facebook, eBay, Gumtree, Tickets Australia or any other unauthorised seller, you may be at risk of being denied entry at the event.

The Risk of Buying From a Ticket Reseller

If you buy from an unauthorised seller (also called a ‘reseller’), you risk:

  • Not getting a ticket or getting a fake one,
  • Being turned away at the venue,
  • Not getting the seats you've booked,
  • Not being made aware of certain information (for example, restricted view).

Your rights to a refund or exchange may also be affected if the show is postponed or cancelled.

What Next if I Have Purchased Tickets via an Unauthorised Seller?

Consider that you may be denied admission to the event and your ticket may have been cancelled by the Glasshouse with the permission of the event producer or presenter due to one or a combination of the following reasons: 

  • Your ticket appears to have been purchased through an unauthorised sales channel;
  • Your ticket is suspected to have been resold on multiple occasions to you and others seeking to claim admission with the same ticket;
  • Your ticket is suspected to have been originally purchased via a stolen credit card or fraudulent behaviour has been detected when the purchase has been processed.

Check the terms and conditions of the sales channel from which you have purchased a ticket for events at Glasshouse Port Macquarie.

If you have been denied admission, we recommend you lodge a complaint to the sales channel you purchased tickets from directly. If, however you don’t receive a response, and depending on the circumstances related to your ticket purchase, you may also consider contacting:

  • the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC),
  • the Office of Fair Trading; or
  • the Police.

Can the Glasshouse Help?

Unfortunately, if your tickets were not purchased by you from the Glasshouse directly, our team do not have a record of your purchase transaction to secure these tickets. Where possible, we can attempt to sell you a new seat but are not able to resolve issues relating to your ticket purchased via an unauthorised reseller. 

Further information including a Safe Tix Guide can be obtained from the Live Performance Australia website.

Further Information