Exhibition Opening: Sydney Printmakers & Elva Henderson


Our Exhibition Openings provide local and invited artists with an opportunity to network among other creatives and celebrate their achievements.



  • Friday, 27 January 2023 | 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Glasshouse Regional Gallery


Join us for a very special evening in the gallery
Glasshouse Regional Gallery Exhibition Opening

Sydney Printmakers - Origin The place where something begins
Elva Henderson - Awakening

Opening night Friday January 27th, 2023 at 6pm

Bookings required
Bar open

Sydney Printmakers - Origin The place where something begins

This major printmaking exhibition by Sydney Printmakers presents diverse interpretations of the meaning of ‘origin’. Over 40 artists, including some of Australia’s leading printmakers, creatively explore the theme through various print-based media.   

As the longest existing printmaking group in Australia, Sydney Printmakers has a reputation for excellence and innovation. For over sixty years Sydney Printmakers has continued to evolve in a contemporary art context. The group has consistently engaged with national and international print communities through exhibitions, collaborations and exchanges.

Sydney Printmakers' portfolios are held in the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the National Gallery of Australia. They have exhibited extensively throughout Australia and internationally including New Zealand, Canada, China, Chile, Norway and Japan.


Elva Henderson - Awakening:

This installation is a personal statement of Elva's emotional response to the 2019 bushfires and, in a broader context, the global impact of climate change on our planet and how it is affecting our daily lives. 

In particular, in our local Port Macquarie Hastings region, the fires destroyed valuable natural habitat impacting on not only the trees but flora and fauna, in particular the native koala.

In this installation, the ceramic painted leaves represent the fabric of our daily lives, with the layers of colour reflecting not only the obvious shift in forest regrowth, but acting as a metaphor for the recovery and optimistic transformation of our community as we deal with natural disasters such as both fires and floods. Perhaps it is time we “awaken” to our contributions to climate change and environmental change.


Our Exhibition Openings provide local and invited artists with an opportunity to network among other creatives and celebrate their achievements. 

Exhibitions On View: 28 January - 23 April 2023

About the Artists

Elva Henderson

Elva Henderson is an experienced artist, best known for her ceramic art and sculpture. Elva graduated with an Associate Diploma of Art (Major in Ceramics) from Southern Sydney Institute in 1992. Since 1996 she was teaching art and ceramic classes to both children and adults at the St. George Creative Arts Centre (Sydney) and in 2005 opened her own studio workshop. In addition to teaching, Elva has widely exhibited her ceramic art throughout Sydney and regional NSW. In 2016 she relocated to Port Macquarie.

Sydney Printmakers 

Rod Armstrong
Tina Barahanos
Susan Baran
Anthea Boesenberg
Ruth Burgess
Rafael Butron
Seong Cho
Neilton Clarke
Carolyn Craig
Danielle Creenaune
Tanya Crothers
Olwen Evans Wilson
Salvatore Gerardi
Max Gosling
Rew Hanks
Nathalie Hartog-Gautier
Angela Hayson
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger
Roslyn Kean
Michael Kempson
Carmen Ky
George lo Grasso
Seraphina Martin
Esther Neate
Evan Pank
Janet Parker-Smith
Ben Rak
Sandi Rigby
Marta Romer
Susan Rushforth
Anna Russell
Gary Shinfield
Anne Smith
Laura Stark
Wendy Stokes
Andrew Totman
Madeleine Tuckfield – Carrano
Ann Bewah Wu
Cheryle Yin Lo
Sharon Zwi