Sophie Howarth: Behind the Lens

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Behind the Lens captures the transportive journey through the eyes of Sydney Photographer Sophie Howarth.



  • Saturday, 11 December 2021 | 10:00 AM - Sunday, 06 February 2022 | 02:00 PM


Glasshouse Regional Gallery


Glasshouse Regional Gallery Presents:

Sophie Howarth: Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens diarises and celebrates the anthology of imagery, telling individual stories, capturing experiences, culture, and land. Guided by intuition, openness, risk taking, and the constant search for that moment that sits ‘in between’, Sophie’s lens has not only captured moments that would be published and celebrated for years to come, but would also be the guide to a wonderful journey of learning, new experiences and the quest for authenticity.

Sophie’s lens has become a prolific tool that has guided her career into sweaty mosh pits of the Big Day Out festivals, featuring in publications like the Rolling Stone, working for some of the biggest advertising campaigns, travelling to far off lands and selling over 8,000 copies of her self-published book ‘Peace Love and Brown Rice’.

About the Artist

Sophie Howarth combines an observational documentary style of photography with art.

Sophie completed her formal study at The National Art School, Sydney in 1993. She has specialised in Music Photography and has had the opportunity to photograph and exhibit some of the world’s most important musicians, festivals and tours. Her book ‘Peace Love and Brown Rice A Photographic History of the Big Day Out’ documents her time on the road with the event, as official photographer. Over 8,000 copies have been sold. Sophie worked in Advertising for a decade. Her work appears in editorials, books and exhibitions. She is currently in pre production for her book ‘Soaring The Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia’ which is a study of reverie experienced in the festival environment.

"I like the way I can use photography to tell a story. The feeling that was infused in the picture at the moment it was taken, embellishes the story. This is the art of photography for me."