Book and Plan Your Visit

Booking process

Terms of booking, payment, cancellation and changes:

  • Education booking prices for performances are determined and available based on group bookings of 10 or more tickets.
  • Bookings are to meet the Education Program booking timelines as outlined on the Booking Form, Education Booklet and Website.
  • Cancellations must be notified in writing with no penalties applying if cancelled within the booking timelines, otherwise will only be honoured if tickets are able to be on-sold.
  • Schools are eligible for 1 teacher free or charge per 20 paid student tickets

Step 1 - Book

Book your tickets by sending in a booking form (see below) via email to Please provide as close to actual numbers as possible - though we understand these may change. Once your booking form is received, an email confirmation will be sent within seven days, confirming acceptance of your booking.

Download the Performing Arts Booking Form

Download the Visual Arts Booking Form

Step 2 - Final Numbers

Final numbers are due 10 weeks prior to the event you are attending. Note: if the event date falls in Term 1, final numbers will be due week six (6) of Term 4 the year prior. If any of your students have accessible needs, please let us know so we can accommodate them as best we can.

Step 3 - Invoicing

An invoice will be sent out six (6) weeks prior to the event you are attending as per the final numbers given. Note: if the event date falls in Term 1, invoices will be sent out by week seven (7) of Term 4 the year prior with payment due prior to Term 4 ending.

Step 4 - Final Payment

Final payment is due no later than four (4) weeks prior to the event you are attending. Note: if the event date falls in Term 1, final payment will be due prior to the last day of Term 4 the year prior 
Please ensure you pay no later than the due date on your invoice.

Step 5 - Teachers' Education Resource Packs

Once you have paid your invoice, we will send you any relevant teachers' education resource packs.

Step 6 - Planning Your Visit

To make the most of your Glasshouse experience please read our fact sheet(PDF, 90KB) containing all of the information you should consider when planning your visit.

Bus drop-off points

There are three bus drop-off points located within 250 metres of the Glasshouse. These are located at Hay Street (in front of Rydges), Horton Street (Town Green end) and Clarence Street (in front of the Glasshouse). These are drop-off points only and are not available for long-term parking. Bus companies can contact Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to enquire about long-term parking for bus services.

Excursion risk management

To assist teachers in preparing their own risk assessments we have prepared a Glasshouse Venue & Safety Information Sheet(PDF, 55KB). This document answers all questions required by the Department of Education and Training.

Travel light

The Glasshouse does not have security facilities to accommodate large numbers of school bags. It is requested that all large bags be left at school or secured on coaches. Please note that while exercising every care, we cannot take responsibility for the security of any baggage. If you must bring bags, please notify us of this prior to arrival.

Step 7 - Enjoy Your Visit on the Day

Arrival: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of the performance. Note: latecomers may not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

Running Late: Please call the Glasshouse Box Office on (02) 6581 8888 to notify us if you are running late.

Bags: The safety and security of our guests is very important. We request wherever possible teachers and students do not bring school bags with them to performances.

Toilets: The Glasshouse toilets are accessible for use by members of the public. To ensure the safety of children please ensure they are accompanied at all times when using the facilities at the Glasshouse.

In the Theatre: Watching live theatre is a unique experience, unlike watching TV or a movie. Our actors give you a dedicated performance every time and your best behaviour is the greatest way to show your respect and appreciation! To make sure everyone in the audience and on the stage has a good time, we ask you to ensure that your students:

  • laugh but don’t chat
  • listen and don’t text, tweet or call (turn off their mobile and iPod)
  • be on the edge of their seat but not in anyone else’s (or the aisle!)
  • take home a great experience but don’t take photographs
  • write notes later or they might miss something magical
  • bring a hunger for knowledge but don’t bring food or drink into the theatre