The Education @ Glasshouse Program delivers educational opportunities for children aged Pre-school to Year 12 across the Performing Arts and Gallery.

The Glasshouse team works with our local schools and education providers to cooperatively deliver a wide range of creative learning opportunities to our youth. We hope that these experiences inspire the development of creative adaptable minds - minds that will find solutions to the complex problems that we face, both now and into the future.

So come and celebrate the arts and creativity in all its forms with us in 2021.

Click here to download the 2022 Education @ Glasshouse Book.

Peter Townsend, General Manager Coastline Credit Union

At Coastline Credit Union we proudly offer the same range of personal and business banking services and products that any big bank can, with one huge difference, we are customer owned and 100% committed to investing in our community. The Education @ Glasshouse Program shares similar values with Coastline, in that we both exist to support the people who live, work and interact in the communities in which we operate.Peter Townsend.jpg

Coastline sought the opportunity to partner with the Education @ Glasshouse Program following the recent launch of our Coastline Cubs School Visit Program and our Children’s and Youth savings accounts.

The partnership presents the opportunity to build positive relationships with our local schools and highlights our commitment to support education outside of the classroom and within the broader community.

We understand the importance of giving students access to valuable learning experiences which inspire both creativity and innovation. As Principal Partner we saw an exciting opportunity to play an important role in providing access for students to participate in the unique and creative events hosted within the program which promotes cultural diversity.

We have been operating in Port Macquarie since 2001 and relocated to our current site within the Settlement City Shopping Centre in 2016. The Glasshouse is a premier destination showcasing world-class events in both the Performing Arts and Visual Arts that boosts our local economy and tourism sector in the Greater Port Macquarie region. Coastline are excited to contribute to the longevity and sustainability of the Education @ Glasshouse Program.