Education @ Glasshouse - Why We Do What We Do!

Published on 17 June 2023



Last week hundreds of keen kids and their teachers arrived at the Glasshouse, wide-eyed and full of excitement for the hilarious show, Hiccup! For some, it was the first time they had walked into a theatre, viewed a stage in 'real life' and experienced the magic of live theatre at its best. The play was aimed at younger students, from pre-school and lower primary, while also providing a laugh for the adults. 

This is why we run our Education @ Glasshouse program year after year. Thanks to our program sponsor, Coastline Credit Union, we are able to provide opportunities for local kids to engage and enjoy the arts. From high quality Gallery exhibitions, interactive workshops, to age and stage appropriate performances - all are designed to enhance the learning experience and spark creativity and interest in each child. 

For one educator from a local pre-school, Hiccup! provided the perfect vehicle to inspire the joy of learning from the very beginning.

"The storyline and humour were perfect for our age group and held the Children's attention throughout the performance. The visual and auditory vibrance was exciting but not overwhelming."

She reflected on the Education @ Glasshouse Program as a whole saying, "The Education Program at the Glasshouse is a wonderful opportunity for us to introduce our young learners to the arts in a fun and engaging manner. For many, it is their first time visiting the Glasshouse or watching a live performance and creates long-lasting memories. The shows and performances also supplement the learning the children are doing here in our centre and add a different dimension that we can't provide in-centre."