Possum Magic - Junior Theatre Review

Published on 17 November 2023

Theatre review Possum Magic.png



When I went and saw Possum Magic, I was really excited because we’ve read the book and I got to see one of my favourite books as a play. There were lots of Kindy, Year 1 and 2 school groups seeing the play. 

The moon looked like it was glowing, it illuminated the stage and acted like a light. The moon was a projector screen as well, they projected a map of Australia and showed the places Grandma Poss and Hush went.  The books on the little stand looked very old and magical. The books opened and turned the pages by themselves. There was light that changed colours in the book as well. There was a flying tea cloth that was a map of Australia.

In Possum Magic they started out with Grandma Poss looking through books then a wombat came, and she turned the wombat blue. The wombat was very happy about the blue and some kookaburras flew by on the moon and turned pink. Then a snake came and there were red flares everywhere. 

My favourite part was when Hush had the birthday party and the disco light was turned on, I saw lots of kids dancing to the music that was played. For the birthday cake the candle was on top of a tub of Vegemite which was on top of a lamington which was on top of a cake of pavlova. The candle was a white candle and when Grandma Poss snapped the candle lit with real fire. 

I really liked Hush’s costume when she turned invisible because it was all silver and sparkly and the ears were partly see through. 

They did a Question and Answer at the end so you could ask questions about the play. I hope that more plays will do that because it is nice. 

It was by far the best play I have seen at the Glasshouse 

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