Hiccup! - Junior Theatre Review

Published on 17 June 2023

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The stage setup was really realistic, especially the big orange tent in the middle. The moon was very iridescent, the logs, trees and little stumps were very creative with different coloured stripes and different paint hues.

It was fun, the songs were very silly as well as the music. When they did the songs there was a giant multi coloured light display.

There was a koala, a quokka, an emu and some possums and some little brown, wormy, hairy things. There was also a teddy bear named Lucky and a girl camper. When the camper and Lucky went into the tent to talk or to sleep, they had a flashlight so that you could see what they were doing. 

The koala had the hiccups and it was really loud. The quokka and the emu really, really, really liked shiny things and they steal all the camper’s shiny things, her utensils and very strangely, a toaster.  One of my favourites was the emu, it had a very creative design and it looked like a real emu except it was pink. 

They cure the koala’s hiccups in the end, they tried lots of things but they never tried scaring the koala, it is one of the things that I’ve heard helps cure the hiccups. They tried standing on their heads and holding their tongue. 

In one of the parts where they tried to cure it, the camper squeezed the koala and the koala lifted its leg and farted! That part was one of the main highlights of the show and most of the audience were laughing. 

The emu, who is a great inventor, uses all the shiny things, including Lucky, who was wearing a shiny silver jacket, makes a giant hiccups away machine. She puts it on the koala who starts vibrating and there was a big boom. In the end the koala’s hiccups were cured. 

Me and my little sister, she is 3 years old, absolutely loved it. 

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